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Jodie Smith.

Photos by Derek Matarangas for LURVE magazine.

Model: Jodie Smith, Stylist: Timothy Chernyaev, Make-up Artist: Jazzmene Ellison.

Jodie wears Louis Vuitton headdress top and jeans, worn throughout, BLK DNM leather jacket, Guess jeans, Levi´s denim vest. Calvin Klein chambray shirt, Western Spirit collar tips, Dsquared2 leather pants and Dior Homme by Heidi Slimane Archive jacket. Polo Ralph Lauren denim jacket & Acne leather trouser.

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Pop of Neon - Under $80

Accordion Pleat Dress {here} - $29.80

Juliette Neon Trim Clutch Bag {here} - $8

Dip-Dye Ombre Tights {here} - $7.99

Vintage Chunky Mary Heels {here} - $34.95

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Nur Hellmann - Teen Vogue March 2014

photographer Jason Kibbler

Stylist Michelle Cameron

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Stay Warm, Stay Fly - stylish essentials for winter warmth

Francesca Peplum Blazer {here} - $55

Silver Snake Leggings {here} - $45

Octopus Scarf {here} - $38

Bones Hat {here} - $12

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Everyday Pastel Goth pt. 1 

I have a confession to make. I love pastel goth. I think the shoes are amazing, that the color scheme is great, and I’m jealous of how people pluck up the courage to go outside with lavish wigs everyday. I think it’s a stunning fashion style that needs to stick around and keep influencing the fashion world at large.

That said, the pastel goth style can be a bit of a stretch for most people in their day-to-day looks. In order to pull off a proper pastel goth look, it often takes a lot of accessories, hair pieces and makeup. For someone who has a hard enough time pulling on jeans in the morning, it can seem a little intimidating. Luckily, this style can be easily incorporated into that coffee-fueled early morning slouch.

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Monochrome Kitty - under $90

Starry-Eyed Hoodie {here} - $25

Leather Cat Leggings {here} - $33

Daisy Oxfords {here} - $17

Pearl Cat Headband {here} - $6.50

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Christian Dior Resort 2011

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Christian Dior Resort 2011

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